Musing on a Sunday


Village Elder
Why do believe that nothing good ever happens in other peoples lives? If i tell you i closed a deal worth fourty million or had a foursome with three eights why are you so quick to call me out and cry bullshit (it has not happened to me..yet). Is it because you believe that your life is shit, you will never have anything than a below average life because you are a piece of shit and you have to make sure everyone is living according to your below mediocre standards to make yourself feel better?
If you do a complete lap of your life, school, work, church, facebook, instagram, twitter, the bar, where you live, tinder and you still have to find an anonymous forum site to look for a serious relationship or sex don't you have to consider the possibility that it is really you whose the problem and work on yourself so that the people who actually know you or see you everyday can 1st be attracted to you before people who don't know what you look like.
What happened to men? Look at yourself and the things you do and ask yourself what would my grandfather say if he found me acting like a little bitch. Men were supposed to be providers head of the family. The reason you find yourself acting like a bitch in a r/ship is because you know you are not fulfilling your role so you want to share the woman's role (wash dishes, carry her handbag etc). Play your role, provide for your woman and family and treat her well no amount of kegel exercises (sorry bro) and handbag carrying can make up for the fact that you have to be a man before everything else.