Musito Lewis Hamilton Must Break Schumacher's Record, Na Si Tafadhali

Both Ferraris suffer reliability failure. Vettel to start last in his home GP, hahaha.
Of course we have the usual grumbles of "oh, Hamilton just has a good car, he's not that good, F1 has gotten boring, bla bla bla"
To which I always ask...what's stopping the other teams from having good cars? Don't they have the same resources as Mercedes AMG Petronas? Ghaseer.
Kwa hayo machache, tunangoja musito abebe 6th world championship bila kusumbua. Hatuna pressure wadau.

Hamilton is the best driver of his generation and the best drivers should drive the best cars. Am a Lewis fan but i want the sport to become more competitive, i will never blame Lewis and the Mercedes organization for consistently doing a great job. The top tier teams need to pull their socks.

Lewis for the win tomorrow.


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Tables have turned. Lakini ni sawa, all those who were saying F1 has gotten boring, sasa imekuwa interesting. Let Hamilton fight for it instead of cruising to victory after victory.
Predictability is what will make F1 boring. Leo LH ametuangusha, he is king of the wet but....haisuru. Kudos to Max.


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Mad Max atamaliza 2019 season as #5 after the Mercedes and Ferraris.
Ashamalizana na the Ferraris. In the next two races ni kufagia Bottas alafu abaki na Hamilton. His confidence at the start of theseason was low due to the change of engine. Sai anajiutambua f1.png