Must We Import This From A Desert Country With All Our Hyacinth & Sugarcane

Leo ni siku ya Kureview Casuals. Kufuta wengine na kuajiri Wengine.
I don't think you own anything, to be honest.
Heri huyo muarabu I think he owns something.
It's all in how someone carries themselves. Wewe ni pauper for sure.
You don't even believe in yourself


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I don't think sugar is the best product for our sugarcane. We should be doing liquor with it. When I get the birrions I deserve in life one of my first priorities will be to put a lot of money in sugarcane farmers pockets.
Sugarcane is a very useful grass if it is wholly utilized.

Makes Sucrose (Sugar), paper, Pulp fires up small power stations to power the same sugar mill and feed the national grid with the surpluss. Makes Molasses for livestock, Makes ethanol both industrial & for human consumption, Makes petrol alternative. There are dozens of uses of the Sugarcane plant.
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