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Mutahi Ngunyi's opinion

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Village Elder
Kenyan Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has mocked NASA leader Raila Odinga hours after Uhuru Kenyatta was declared President Elect.
Through his Twitter handle, Mutahi stated that Raila is a slow punctured revolutionary who keeps people busy and in the end takes them nowhere.
He added that even if the former Prime Minister runs against a man with a coconut head he will still lose.
“Raila is a SLOW PUNCTURED Revolutionary. Keeps us Busy, Takes us Nowhere. If he RAN against a MAN with the HEAD of A Coconut, he would LOSE.”
Twitted Mutahi Ngunyi
His tweet generated a heated conversation with a section of Kenyans On Twitter echoing his sentiments while others differed with him sharply.
One user had this to add on the conversation “ I used to read you way back in 2001 and 2002 doing columns bashing Moi! You're a great thinker coz Moi was in power! Uthamaki poisoned u!”
Another user Questioned the Analyst on why he is always tweeting at Night “Why do you usually tweet at night?. To me He is a living legend unlike some of the "brown envelope" political analysts like you!”
“Mr fake professor, you are obsessed with @RailaOdinga » . Tell us something else we know Raila more than you. Nyang'au wewe”