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  1. sani

    sani Village Elder

    Kalonzo is a spineless coward and does not inspire confidence as a man is supposed to. He has rode on other peoples backs to where he is.
    Its a fact than Kalonzo has never organised even one rally in Ukambani on his own, muoga. Kudandia rally za Muthama na Rao. A useless fellow
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  2. Nattydread

    Nattydread Village Sponsor

    What a bullshit rumour! Kalonzo is not even worth 70k to anybody.

    A much more plausible story is that JaKuon coughed up some of his nominations collections and Vanguard sponsorship money to make ka-Wiper betray Musila and Nyenze in the deep of the night.

    Muthama is angry because his kingmaker role has evaporated. Wiper is now just a name.
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  3. Nattydread

    Nattydread Village Sponsor

    Kalonzo is the national freeloader. Remember how Uhuru and Ruto ditched him in 2012 once they noticed that he never picks the tab.
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  4. WuTang

    WuTang Village Sponsor

    Yaani hata kwa hoteli halipi bill? Hio ni mbaya sana.
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  5. Mzee Putin

    Mzee Putin Senior Villager

    I have stated here before that the people of masinga rejected Kiala, not once but twice.

    Then when he was elected dep. gavana (without ANY political muscle) he grows some tiny tiny balls because he has the support of muthama then goes to garner 4000+ votes?

    I will tell you this for free . . .kiala is a NOBODY in masinga leave alone machakos!!!!!!

    And Muthama's money won't help him.
  6. Mzee Putin

    Mzee Putin Senior Villager

    Kalonzo compared to Mutua ..... .. Mutua x 10000