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  1. wildfrank

    wildfrank Village Elder


    A Cape Town couple which made headlines a year ago after wife had a complicated pregnancy delivery and later gave birth to black twin boys opens up for the first time.
    George Venter revealed that his wife didn’t commit adultery and there was no need for DNA tests since he believes that the twins are his.
    “The boys are grown now, we are all doing fine, i have said this before and i am saying it now, me and Lea (the wife) we both don’t have a black origins in our respective family trees but with God’s will we conceived black twins.
    “People claim that the kids were fathered by a black man.. no no let me set the record straight, Lea will never cheat on me, the kids are mine and its not a medical condition that they are black, this is God’s blessing.”
    George admits that it wasn’t easy for their kids to be accepted in the society where everyone push him hard to carry DNA tests. He claims that he refused another doctor’s offer to carry free paternity tests.
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  2. screwplus

    screwplus Village Elder

  3. muthige thegere

    muthige thegere Village Elder

    Good luck with that
  4. 0%_Omera

    0%_Omera Village Elder

    They don't even look mixed, but there's a possibility of jungus giving birth to Nyauthi's. A considerable number of whites and Latinos have black ancestry, so it's possible for them to pass the Nyauthi genes to their off Springs.
    On the other hand, black women are gifted with ' EVE GENES', meaning a black woman can be able to produce all the races in the world. Only a black woman.
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  5. LeoK

    LeoK Village Elder

    Is this bloke related to a certain mod hapa? asking for a friend.
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  6. Kenjatta

    Kenjatta Village Elder

  7. byro

    byro Village Elder

  8. Fala 12

    Fala 12 Village Sponsor

    its possible, could be him or the wife had some nyeuthi recessive gene which manifested in the children
  9. john_doe

    john_doe Village Elder

    They are not even mixed hao wameibiwa somewhere
  10. Liberty

    Liberty Village Elder

    Never seen this. Informative!
  11. Flx

    Flx Village Elder

    ya mungu ni mengi ya kuku ni mayai(na pia threshold kwa wengineo)
  12. shocks

    shocks Village Elder

    I was counting how many words the dude used before he got to "God’s will"!
  13. Some Say

    Some Say Village Elder

    Hata hao watoto wanakaa the father was the zulu version of @Swidfil Makanje
  14. Young

    Young Village Elder

    hapo alicheswo! I know of a Kenyan chic aliingiza sponsor mzungu local mbirrionair ati mtoi ni the opposite of Albion ati that's what jungus get!
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  15. Ice_Cube

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    GALANAKULALU Village Elder

    Aki you cant underestimate the predictability of stupidity....Maybe when the second set of twins come out as indians then this schupit muthungu will get the hint.....
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    GALANAKULALU Village Elder

    [​IMG] the wife be like...chieth...smile for the cameras. You are a daddy to shaka zulu's nigglets...
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  18. culture

    culture Village Elder

  19. Jimit

    Jimit Village Elder

    Yes, only a black woman fucks around like a dog
  20. Gecko Moriah

    Gecko Moriah Village Elder

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