Mwale Medical And Technology City


They claim to be spending 2B USD, that's 2Trillion Kshs, to develop the Hamptons City lakini hii kitu there's something that's not right with it.... 2Rivers ilijengwa with 16B Ksh and looks, feels the part.

Has anyone ever visited the place? And why does this guy bring models, junguz but never investor talk in Africa


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Nilisoma huyo huwa wife wake, then there is another fat chap who is the investor/managing director, that's his brother inlaw
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Haka kajamaa mwale kalikua jeshi pale laikipia airbase nanyuki kakasoma masomo kidogo pale deftec na kuchapa works pale joint helicopter command formely 50 air calvary before ku desert na kuomba asylum states.... Niliambia former colleagues wake (lot) hii ni scam wakaniambia mimi naskilia mwenzetu wivu juu he is actually making something for himself outside the uniform!!! Hata kadhaa "wameinvest" nikasema Sawa tu tutakua hapa when things will go skrrrrrrrrrha pum pooff kama shaq


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Hii scam haijawahi isha? The only thing wamejenga is that mall and that 1 floor building they call a 5000 capacity hospital, they want investors to pour in money then wapotee
This con would have worked in kiambu or kajiado county...huko ndio watu wana pesa ya kutapeliwa. But he had it all worked out remember he even sponsored his brother to parliament to take care of business from there.