My 32nd born day.... Village elders and sponsors only!


Village Sponsor
Wazito I turned 32 on 0001hrs this morning! Am grateful to the most high Jah! Even though undeserving of it he continues to guide my path and prepare a table before my enemies! And even though I walk in valley of shadow of death his rod and staff guideth me! 32 tots for 32 years
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Wah, I thought you were one of the older talkers. I am ten years your senior!. I know guys like @Mzee mzima are only 23 lakini wewe of all people? Sikuexpect. Anyway happy 32nd birthday.
So we deal with babies around here...
Majority of talkers wanachezea range ya 20 to 40 years. Nyinyi fossils tafuteni @FieldMarshal CouchP na @gashwin mkuwe mnacheza ajua mkikumbuka vile maisha ilikuwa huko 1850 kabla mzungu akuje.