My boyfriend is kind, loyal… and promiscuous'

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what would you advise this woman.? I know a few talkers here like this guy..............


25 NOVEMBER 2017 • 7:00AM
Dear Graham

Eighteen months ago I met a man on a dating website. We hit it off and have enjoyed many dates, weekends and even overseas holidays together. We live about 60 miles apart but see each other most weeks. He is semi-retired and I still work.

My problem is that he has a multitude of friends, many of them women, and a not inconsiderable number of ex-lovers, who he is in contact with and still sees and goes out with. I know he’s had sex with at least one of them since he and I met.

He is a kind man who thinks that caring for people who have touched his life is non-negotiable. He has also made it clear to me that he’s not in the market for a committed relationship, whereas I feel that at our age (we’re both in our 60s) time is of the essence.

We have a brilliant time when we are together and I feel that an amazing relationship could develop. But I feel my constant anxiety...
o.k,what is semi -retired ? you were tired before then you re-tired but half way thru ukadecide 'shiet ' i will be half tired. on the real though what does that even mean?