My Employer Lied About The Salary.

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I had been looking for a job for months, which to me seemed like a lifetime, so when I finally got called for an interview, I was overjoyed. I told everyone I knew to pray for me that it would go well and that I would finally get a job.

I did all the usual interview preparations like picking what clothes to wear, getting all my documents ready and doing all sorts of research online on what to expect and what employers expect of me. I even went the extra mile of asking a friend to coach me on how to behave.

When the day of the interview came, I was ready. I arrived at the interview venue half an hour early and sat patiently waiting to be summoned by the interviewer. The wait seemed so long and eventually, I started getting impatient and nervous.

When the time came, I braced myself and walked towards success. The interview went very well and I could tell that the interviewer was impressed by me. When the time came for salary expectations, I stated that my range was between 60-70K.

The salary for the job being had not been stated so I kept fearing that what I had quoted would be too ambitious. To my shock, the interviewer told me that the salary being offered was actually 100K. I could not hide my shock. He then told me that if I got the job, this was what I would be earning.

A week later, I got a call confirming that I had been selected for the position. You can imagine the joy I felt. I quickly gathered a few friends and we had a small celebration for my good fortune.

My joy, however, was short lived. When I reported to sign the offer letter on Monday the following week, I received the shock of my life. The salary I had been promised, was now indicated as 55K gross. I paused and inquired whether it was a typo or not. I was curtly told that the indicated salary was what they were willing to offer me.

My heart sank, but I composed myself and requested to be given some time to think about the issue. He agreed and told me I have 4 days. What do I do? Should I just take the job or wait until I find another offer? Please help me.

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This is a sad state of affairs...what would you guys recommend?


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anza tu na hiyo, work your ass off and show them your max potential; you never know, in the long run you'll get promoted sooner than u think and get that 100 k u want or even more. kuna watu hata job hawana wanasaka mbaya sana hata ya mbaula 20k


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yeah........thats a really sticky situation......... just take the 55 but and @shocks says continue looking for other jobs and then leave them bila notice............
Legally, there is no case against that employer because that 100k vibe is just the interviewer's word against the candidate's i.e. there was no binding agreement nor evidence pertaining to the 100k.

This is a new trick I have noticed recruiters are using to rope in attractive candidates so clearly, don't get too excited until you see the offer letter you are to sign.

Alafu, why was that candidate celebrating so early? Nowadays, you don't celebrate a new job until you are CONFIRMED. Confirmation is your new employer's ultimate seal of approval for you as a new employee as it signifies the end of your probation. Most benefits eg Medical & Pension tend to be applicable upon confirmation anyway. Also the 3-6 months of probation allow you to gauge how much you are 'feeling' your new employer. It's common to report somewhere new and quit on day one or the first 2 weeks after quickly realising hauwesmake. So never celebrate early.
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He shouldn't take the job. What kind of professional outfit would use such underhand tactics? It might mean that after the first month the salary might be dropped down again and he would be expected to take it.
feeling of kuibiwa, why did they change goal posts so fast.
Hapo naona yeye ndio alijikaanga. He should have done more research on the salary range. Maybe after the interview the panel discussed and decided since he mentioned 60-70k, coupled with some desperation they sensed during the interview, he would accept 55k. Sounds messed up but it happens. In some organizations you'll even find two people doing the same job but earning different salaries, depending on how one negotiated during the interview.
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