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  1. kaimera

    kaimera Guest

    My first kiss occurred in 2012 when I was 17 and in form four in some mixed school in Eastern

    It was during those last moments before kcse starts. There is this Nairobi Lass I was pursuing day in day out. Man this girl had it all, she was beautiful, had that fine ass, kissable lips DAMN the list is endless. Her name was Chantelle mind you she was in Form Two back then.

    After pursuing her for some time using my Nairobi Sheng' and Swag Chantelle accepted and gave in to me. That was the best moment of my life. A hot girl is finally my girlfriend. The first ever girlfriend I had in my entire life. Everyone used to envy me because I beat them to the prize.

    As always in a mixed school kuna those romantic moments pale kwa corner corner wakati kagiza kameanza kuingia ingia. Chantelle and I used to be culprits of the romantic darkness moments at school. We used to talk, laugh, hug, caress but never kissed.We were all fine with that.

    Come third time, my last term in high school I was in a preparation mood for KCSE. During those revision moments a thought came over me like 'Hey why don't you kiss her?? She is your girlfriend!!'. The thought kept stuck in my mind and I was so jovial about it.

    Come those romantic corner moments I talked to her about the two of us kissing and she said it was okay but it must be special and she will give it to me. So the day passed without her giving me the kiss. A week later the exams were starting on a Thursday and as the school norm form one and two students were supposed to go home for the entire exam period and come back when its about to end to give us a conducive revising environment. Form Three students also remained in school to undertake their Form Four Entry exams.

    Fast forward to Tuesday during tea break Chantelle and I bumped into each other and she told that she had a surprise for me that day I was like okay I like surprises. As the norm romantic corner moments lazima ziwe so as usual tulikuwa ile corner yetu and she told me to close my eyes and I did.

    I knew the surprise was being given to me as promised. The next thing I heard was her sweet, soft and smooth lips touching mine. Damn nothing felt sweeter on earth than kissing Chantelle. It was the best feeling ever. I didn't know that my first ever kiss would feel this great. I wasn't a good kisser back then but hey I tried my best and it came out awesome. Chantelle was a great kisser and I liked her kissing. I even went ahead and kissed her several times that night till she was like 'Bado hujatosheka' and i was like nimetosheka. She was happy to learn that she was my first kiss and I won't forget that moment. I told her she was a great kisser she told me I am a great kisser too..With experience I came to be better at it.

    So guys thats was my first kissing experience..!
  2. pamba

    pamba Village Sponsor

    Boss enda job.
  3. Chizzin Chizzy

    Chizzin Chizzy Senior Villager

    Ok...now we know
  4. mabenda4

    mabenda4 Village Elder

    First kiss in form four....... Holy crap...... That's late even by retards pace.
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  5. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

    Huyu Hana job ya kwenda... pengine aoshe jeans...:D:D:D

    Good narration...
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  6. bjurmann

    bjurmann Village Elder

    Afadhali ungesema just three words kwa hii thread.......I kissed Chantelle......baadala ya hio hekaya yote
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  7. jimmy_m

    jimmy_m Guest

    kuwa mpole :D:D:D
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  8. Abu-khara Al-toilete

    Abu-khara Al-toilete Village Elder

    Copy pasta for you
    all these long essays are really getting annoying and are not even funny. please stop posting this stupid shit for the sake of the forum
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  9. uwesmake

    uwesmake Village Sponsor

    Just a point 2002 nilikuwa form 4 . then huyo dem wako jua tu tulikuwa tunamtomba akiwa holidays na halfterm .
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  10. Liberty

    Liberty Village Elder

    Ok, nice. So where is Chantelle now? are you still together, planning for marriage?
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  11. uwesmake

    uwesmake Village Sponsor

    Purr maswali za umama usituletee hapa
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  12. Web Dev

    Web Dev Village Elder

    It seems like your cock has never been inside a vagina. Kweli rongo?
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  13. Liberty

    Liberty Village Elder

  14. HardyMan

    HardyMan Village Elder

    Kwanza,Ulipata nini KCSE ?
  15. Chifu

    Chifu Village Elder

    Now tell us how you dumped Chantelle for all the prostitutes in town.
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  16. Mboco

    Mboco Village Elder

    Ujinga mtupu. A kiss isn't something to talk about. What about the time you will kamua a momo, like @ uwesmake? @ kingolonde, kuja pea hii nugu zawadi.@kingolonde,koja
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  17. Meria Mata

    Meria Mata Village Chief

    Hii heka haijafikisha ktalk standards, a crucial part is missing.
    See me!
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  18. dabu

    dabu Village Elder

    Chantelle was a ho
  19. Shamsudin

    Shamsudin Village Elder

    Boss, you are talking about a kiss!! Sisi tuliwakuta vitu vibaya sana juu ya desk.
    FYI, just like sleep on the classroom desk is arguably the sweetest, so is 'welding'/'drilling'
  20. kamnjoro

    kamnjoro Village Elder

    Boss, huyo mileage yake as at that time was equivalent to that of a woman married for 7 yrs.
    Some people are generally slow in life- Aviator, 2015.
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