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  1. The.Black.Templar

    The.Black.Templar Village Sponsor

    Kuna maswali muhimu sana zimeulizwa.....zijibu tafasali
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  2. Supu don

    Supu don Village Elder

    hahahhahah....i long for your kiss btw....
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  3. Patrome

    Patrome Village Elder

    word of the day ;irony
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  4. Colombo-Combolo

    Colombo-Combolo Village Elder

    me my 1st kiss, nilimwaga litre moja spuff, na sisumbui, I was in Form 2, Uncle @uwesmake wewe ni rika, watu wa siku njema, Vumilia Binti Abdala ndo alinibusu kwanza
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  5. Ole_Wenu

    Ole_Wenu Village Elder

    What's a good kisser?
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  6. Qathuryma

    Qathuryma Village Elder

  7. Randy

    Randy Village Elder

    Boss, hapa kuna Watu HKM na wasumbui!!!!
  8. Koolibah

    Koolibah Village Sponsor

    Form two and she was in form three. Venue: showground. She was chewing BigG. Damn! For years the bigG aroma was the sweetest thing this side of hell. BigG aroma used to give me a boner. It still retains a special place in my senses.
    The second one was Gladys maocha hivi hivi amevaa skirt ya yellow na reebok hightops. Under the dark sky with the moon peeping down on us. Gladys is busy fighting mosquitoes biting her legs with the reeboks then we kiss and even the mosquitoes pause in honor. I never looked at reebok high tops the same way again
  9. mabenda4

    mabenda4 Village Elder

    Babydoll my kiss is coming soon. Just landed shags
  10. Supu don

    Supu don Village Elder

    great..will keep my lips moisturized for you...
  11. El Chapo

    El Chapo Village Elder

    How do you hear a kiss?
  12. Jergen

    Jergen Village Elder

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