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Hello guys, im new to kenyantalk... I believe this is *** reload aka version 2.0.... Im back with my brand new mix!!!! Check it out at

You can also get my videos searching on youtube "ken gathuru" and you will see them there

If you're on facebook u can check out and follow me on twitter and instagram @deejay_rudeboy

Im here to give you the best mixes, requests pia nafanya. I appreciate critisicm as inanijenga niwaentertain better!

Thanks guys


Jibu mtihani ndio tukubali ni wewe...
1. Apart from kaswende name 4 other
ailments treated by doc Luther.
2. Name three characters in the
wakorino legend. Name the author
3. Name 4 listers Supu ever referred
to as sweetheart.
4. Name 5 women climbed by the tree
of mabenda. Name the locations too
excluding the pujo.
5. How many handles did Qamquot
6. Name all the nationalities sampled
by international d*ck sampler aka
7. Lister gani alimanga Boniface wa moi university?
8. Lister gani alipatikana akiwank na girlfriend yake kwa nyumba?
9. Lister yupi alikuwa na shida ya kutumia tissue paper mpaka hubby wake kept complaining?
10. Who was that lucky lister who fucked @Kaswii wa klost?
11. Ni listing gani ilikuwa na over 130,000 views and over 1100 replies huko klost?
12. Ni lister yupi alitafuta financial advice akiwa Japan?
13. Which lister posted his photos in klost and attracted many comments?
14. Ni lister yupi huwa source mademu kutoka as far as kapsabet, marakwet na eldy.....hint (alienda msa recently akamchukua amina casa b, amina hata hatamanishi)

Not open for further replies.