my school taught this too (01)

I was the brightest in class, so every girl wanted to spend their time with me. I took my lunch with girls, games, homework and any other activity. I found comfort in them. A company of one or two gratified.

This day we were relaxing after lunch, and my head was lying on the ThighLand of this las... She caressed my left cheek smoothly as the warmth from the junction above her thighs made me feel sexy. She was courageous in this. I could have done much but I was afraid; I didn't know what response she'd give if I penetrated my hand through her thighs all the way up. I was afraid of trying.
But I would move my hand smoothly between her lower thighs upto some point. Sometimes she'd separate her legs intentionally, but I was still afraid to move my hand past where I had been caressing up.
She then pushed my head so that it lay exactly above her puthy... here it felt much warmer. My mind was completely lost. I couldn't give any attention to whatever was going on between us, cause in my mind, I was battling a big devil; what should I do and how do I begin it? On her side, she appeared comfortable and constantly asking questions that I always answered positively from my unconsciousness. She moved her left caressing around my neck and my left cheek which was on the upper side simultaneously...
This almost gave me a nap but the sexual feeling was increasingly becoming a disturbance. My d*ck started to erect, pressing hard against my trouser which had stretched due to my sitting position. In fact I could see how it protruded and I guess she did too.
The sexual urge becoming stronger and now I couldn't resist any more. I turned my head so that nose faced down against her puthy and breathed out all my fears to diffuse into her puthy(try breathing out your fear towards the puthy of a rude girl, the puthy submits)
I squeezed my hand inch-wise through her ThaiLand to compesate for any gap. And finally I reached the moorland region. I maintained my hand there... The caressing went on for a few minutes before my palm got literally wet. I felt like I had done everything...
No... there was yet much more to explore. I pulled her panty towards her left leg trying to create some space so I could penetrate my finger into her wet puthy(kuna kitu nilikuwa nasikia ikiitwa 'kupiga dem finger'!). I felt as if I had not done it yet...
Questions had ceased, Evelyn, apparently giving more attention to Cynthia who was seated next to her - I guess this was to divert their attention, if anything crazy was happening between us(or between me and her puthy). That didn't bother me either; all I needed was cooperation from her legs as I paved my way to her puthy.
The struggle was proving tough, I pushed my hand farther, but the panty-line was sandwiched deeper between her thigh and her fleshy vulva.
I pulled and pulled, but I couldn't access the pantyline would see displaying from under her tight skirt when she walked. I was almost giving up and sometimes I even thought I had already done enough.
She began to as random questions to me again. I couldn't give enough attention to the questions though, cause I knew they didn't make any sense to her either, so we're the answers I gave.
Little did I know she had picked a needle from the girl next to her... I couldn't tell whether or not she had sort my permission to pierce my left ear. I realized she had already done it when I felt some sharp pain through my ear. At that session it didn't bother me much cause it only lasted for just a moment after the piercing... and perhaps cause my attention was all directed to my search for her puthy. I didn't give a f**k, whatever had happened.
Finally, I touched what I felt was the panty-line. I breathed out deeply as she moved her legs closer abruptly as if I had done something she didn't expect. However, the pressure and warmth that built up as her thighs pressed more tightly against my hand made me felt even better.
Kwani panty hukuaga aje? Hers was sleeved, I thought. I had only seen 'em on hanging lines and maybe, panty-lines under tight skirts. Anything beyond that was mystery.
Potelea mbali... kujua shape ya panty kutasiadia aje?

I proceeded to the naked puthy... it was all wet... watery indeed. Around the puthy, specially the region above it was a bit rough - maybe she had shaven her hairs(but hers was fur) just the previous night or that morning before she left for school - and wet too.
I tried to move my fingers caressing over the wet puthy, but she resisted strongly. She was no longer at rest and constantly moving her legs closer and closer together squeezing my hand even more. At the same, instead of withdrawing my hand, I pushed it deeper and deeper (Kuna boi senior alikuwa ameniambia that when girls give any expression to boys, they always mean the opposite). I pushed my index and penetrated smoothly through the tight hole(it had some sweet moisture and thumb activated automatically to play with the clit...
I turned my face which was still facing her puthy, so that we now face each other. This seemed to intimidate her, so she quickly turned her eyes away. She stopped resisting and relaxed her legs so I could move my hand smoothly along her soft thighs and my finger against her vagina walls...
Immediately the bell to end the lunch break rang. I pulled out my hand as everybody rushed to their respective classrooms. I noticed some white pieces of thread around some of my finger... some threads wound around the index finger... I tried to imagine how they had been pulled out from her dress but couldn't get any idea. The color of the dress could not even be associated with the color white. A white thread repairing dress of that color would be very conspicuous; so nobody could try that...
Oooh...little did I know... kumbe during my struggle to reach the puthy, niliraruria mtu panty na nikakosa kujua... ata nilikuwa nashindwa kwani hio panty aje. Zikiwa kwa hanging line zikuona zikikaa kuwa sleeved... saa zingine nikafikiria, perhaps panties are worn with some other accessories I didn't have idea about.

It was at this time I touched my left ear and felt some very thin piece of stick(grass) Evelyn had inserted in the hole she pierced. I learnt later this was to prevent blockage of the hole
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