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  1. lawi

    lawi Village Elder

    ...... I gathered courage and immediately called her and made the suggestion. She asked why I asked to visit the VCT when already we have been having it raw? Made sense but I insisted its for the purpose of trust in building this "young love". To my surprise she agreed to it. Went to the hospital and met this doctor that I will never forgive to this day (hekaya for another day).

    I serve a powerful God coz both results came back negative. If that is what second chance felt like then may that moment be perpetual. Kama kawaida we celebrated with some raw sex. Turns out kuendesha was due to some veggies that "original GF" didnt cook well. Keep in mind all these things are happening in that month of August. News got to my original GF (she was working by then while I was jobless) that I might be playing her. I rubbished it and I insisted that she ain't sharing her man.

    In the mid of the 3rd week of August, as "Miss tight P" started making plans to go back to coast (her leave was coming to an end) she broke the news that she was kinda feeling paged (for a woman her age, she couldn't be wrong to detect such new changes in her body). That was news I didn't want to hear since she was older than me (+4yrs) & I was going to be a church guy who had impregnated a whore.

    I asked if it could be mine which caused a war of words. That question hurt her to the extent that she didn't tell me when she left and threatened to abort. I missed her but my pride wouldn't let me call her and ask about "our baby" or how she was doing. Unlike me, she decided to break the silence after 4 months (Nov)and the first thing I asked was for her to whatsapp her baby bump pic. She sent some while in those long dresses with a big bulging belly, I insisted for one while naked.

    That got me blocked & added to spam, my phone calls couldn't go through & SMS's never replied. I decided to quit but it left me with doubt while at the same time I was secretly prepping to be a dad just in case.

    We never spoke again until May of the following year I found her in my mom's salon both chatting and laughing like the long lost buddies they were. I swear I almost froze to death. I scanned the room for a baby but there was none, a closer look at her body didn't show any signs of a woman who gave birth a few months back. I excused myself and she followed me outside, asked about the baby, she told me not to worry coz by her look of things I was not ready to be a dad (was still jobless) and told me not to bother about it. She added the only thing she'd miss about it me was the sex and that was it.

    I felt a bit down but I was ok with that..... Never saw/heard from her again.
    Till this day I cant tell if she kept the baby or aborted as she had promised.

    PS: I am still HIV negative & happily married to the "original GF" with whom we have a cute son.
  2. Gustavo

    Gustavo Senior Villager

    hekaya iko swafi.... but inanukia uko na handle ingine apa
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  3. Uncle Best

    Uncle Best Village Elder

    Hekaya ami chonjo kabisa
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  4. byro

    byro Village Elder

    :D:D:DHii unatumia sijui
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  5. epoch

    epoch Village Elder


    Naona ukifanya re-match.....maybe champions league.
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  6. A.G.

    A.G. Village Elder

    Ulitenda wema. Uskonde.
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  7. lawi

    lawi Village Elder

    Hapo ni zii, hata akinipanulia napotea mbio
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  8. vercetti19

    vercetti19 Village Elder

    hehe..Nice hekaya SV
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  9. lawi

    lawi Village Elder

    sasawa VE
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  10. Adeudeu

    Adeudeu Village Elder

    SV hekaya iko sawa. Pewa likes ukuwe sponsor asap
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  11. pamba

    pamba Village Sponsor

    Ulikua kamiti?
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  12. Gustavo

    Gustavo Senior Villager

    after umekua elder uliacha kutuchangakia..... #Thelameshallwalkorrun
  13. The.Black.Templar

    The.Black.Templar Village Sponsor

    Nice hekaya
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  14. Adeudeu

    Adeudeu Village Elder

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  15. Adeudeu

    Adeudeu Village Elder

    Kcr zilienda wapi
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  16. Miss Finest Wine

    Miss Finest Wine Village Elder

    Take your position and drop us a hekaya, wacha maswali. Has @Diablo surfaced yet?
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  17. Nattydread

    Nattydread Village Sponsor

    Wamafeelings alisota, na pia aliona Kcr zinaleta nzi za choo.
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  18. Adeudeu

    Adeudeu Village Elder

    I loved you, wanted you, 'dreamed' of you. You were headless, faceless, nameless - but I didn't care.

    Then you broke my heart.
  19. Adeudeu

    Adeudeu Village Elder

    Honestly I stopped posting because of Kcr.
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