My Take on the 4 Years Gone By


Yule Karis Black

In truth, na tuambiane ukweli, this is the most progressive government since independence..

Hawa vijana wamefanya kazi

Look in each sector, heavens! Even tourism grew by 17%? Last year alone? Imagine!

Stocks are on years' high.

Tuambiane ukweli nanii

Yule Karis Black

1st day of second term
NGOs board de-registers KHRC

rink :

not very progressive
on infrastructure nawapea b+

corruption d

not that the other folk on the losing side are any better, they denied Wanjigi now he is in every press conference.
KHRC has been deregistered on financial impropriety..

They shouldnt be above the law dontyouthink?

On corruption, we have institutions set up by OUR constitution

On infrastructure, go through spear's posts. They have even created an enabling environment for private sector to sink in billions in projects.. The Hass tower et al