My Top 5 KTalkeresses (Female) avators I.M.O

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This in my opinion (IMO) are the top 5 avators Ktalkeresses in Ktalk..with out further ado i present u the top 5,,,starting 4rm No. 5 going down

No.5: Chloe
Yes its a cartoon image bt if u look closely this is slim shady kinda my view she is rhe slim shady type of ladies ...who have a toi bt uwezi jua kama ame zaa juunshe still maintains her body figure

No. 4: trish
jus look at the pic, This one are those 26 y.o ladies who work as receptionists bt live large,,huyu si dame wa Umoja, kayole..her salo yes may be 20 K bt bitch leaves in the leavy surburbs of SQ hivi ..thanx 2 sugar D


No. 3 Purr27
This where shall i start..ok she is a barbie gal..has rich peros...still parks with peros bt chic is cute bt shy ..she is a semi slim shady ..nyama brown rangi ya thao...she has tasted dik bt zile za ubabini..she craves fr eastlando kind of ruff sex bila huruma bt again her peroz wont allow her..she sweet tho PS: this the
type of gal who buys u a good car..rangy range hivi Laura style on yr birthday


No. 2 Supu
She is over 35,, lakini still maintains her body and facial looks...infat u wud confuse her for a 24 y.o when u meet her,,,na skills ya bed...nikka this is the type of lady who does acrobatis on u while in bed.. she the type who when u pumping away fingers yr ass hole ndio nu mwaga yote yote...

No. 1 Msuper
I wont say much...1st of all look at those eyes.look at them directly..make eye contact ...jus do it for 10 it then i it.............. ehe u get it hii sasa ndio macho inafanya mwanaume anatoa ngotha and wanks on his Laptop and wanks on the hayo tuu


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Kumbe @Jirani ni amateur fisi. Why limit your opportunities while they are all potential lay in no particular order. Your technically fucked.


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@Jirani if my eyes just fascinates you....what about my behind. Just to add to your walking dreams... I have got this gigantic big apple thing pushing me from behind.
ni hayo tuu View attachment 8947
baby napenda sanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..izo matinye nanyonya mbaya..alafu i like ua neck..hio wachia Jay ....nauma small bites ka za panya,,,alafu narudia matinye,,,nikishuka down south CJ,,ushamwaga
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