N-HESH-HIGH-HEFF has been suspendeditationed


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Kaki mwaa kongoi Ruto
Health Cabinet Secretary Cleopa Mailu has suspended NHIF decision to limit outpatient visits to four in a year awaiting consultation with other stakeholders.

In a press statement Saturday morning, Mailu said patients should continue enjoying NHIF services without limits.

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“The Cabinet Secretary for Health Dr Cleopa Mailu has suspended with immediate effect the decision by NHIF to limit the outpatient visits to only four per year until further notice. This is until further consultations are held between NHIF board and other stakeholders. Meanwhile patients should continue the services as it has been the case before.”


That is a relief...
Who comes up with these ferkin policies anyway?
So guys were supposed to notify illnesses ati they can attack four times a year?

Theuri wa kigogoine

that show how dis-functional the govt is, and how unqualified pple are allowed to run sensitive matters that affect us to the core
Or another scheme by the evil opposition to discredit the government. Wakoranetwork continues