Naikuni,KQ to pay former employee 10 million

The Employment and Labour relations court has ordered former KQ Boss Titus Naikuni to pay former corporate and communications manager Kepha Mareno Bosire sh 10 million for unlawful dismissal.

The judge said that Naikuni was personally liable for the payment. The breakdown was Sh1.8 million as salary for three months in lieu of notice, twelve months compensation for salary, Sh 1million for what the court considered to be undignified treatment.

Bosire’s lawyer said that Titus Naikuni had stripped his client at a marathon in 2013 yet his shirt did not bare the logo of the company. It was later established that the CEO Naikuni also ordered the human resource manager to terminate the employment of Bosire.

Justice Nelson Abuodha said that Naikuni could have used alternative methods to sort out the issues.