Village Elder
I have lived in Nairobi for a few years. But, the truth is I am relatively unexposed. I don’t drink at clubs in the CBD, I never ferked a lanye from there, nor have I ever spent more than necessary time in those environs. My pockets that never been picked and I can’t talk about any negative experience related to this town.

Tonight, I went all the way to ngong road to enjoy music I love. Usually, when I’m done, I only stop somewhere along kiambu road. For fear of Mchele or anything similar, I only drink at wazee clubs. However, tonight I decided to take a detour in the CBD and I’m now at simmers. Ladies & gentlemen my eyes have been opened.

Kumbe this is the reason uwesmakende cannot keep the peace hapa kwa kijiji!

Miss Finest Wine

Woooi wooi @pamba....that is one of the worst places to be seen at. I happened once, never malizad my one glass of wine. Sis kept stepping on my toes under the table...stop staring she said. Then she said most of these gals are our Uni ngeos. My heart sunk, never recovered. Blatant begging and being ignored in all of 5 mins by men. Sad. Tits hanging out, belts for a skirt.....

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