Nairobians ndio hii budget yenyu..

ndio hao wazito..literally

Nairobi motorists should expect to start paying higher parking fees in the near future.
The decision was announced on Tuesday as Finance CEC Charles Kerich read the county's budget.
“The reduction in parking fees from Sh300 to Sh200 for on street parking was the cornerstone of the amendments last year and the same has drastically reduced revenue collections from daily parking and increased congestion within the CBD," Kerich said.

"To solve these twin problems and to test the elasticity of demand for county parking services, I have proposed a review of parking fees with effect from July 1st. The exact details and amounts will be contained in the Finance Bill that will be tabled before this House."
The county has also allocated Sh 134 million for Governor Mike Sonko’s beautification programme and greening services.
For disaster migitation prevention and response, Sh371million has been allocated.
The county’s emergency fund has been allocated sh 100 million to achieve better response to emergencies.
Before Kerich started to read the budget statement, some members in the House shouted “bursaries bursaries”. A few members walked out as Kerich started reading the budget statement.
Some Sh32 million has been allocated for purchase of vehicles to improve enforcement and compliance of development policies in the county.
To purchase of demolition equipment, Sh35 million has been allocated.

The health sector has been allocated Sh7.4 billion, being the highest allocation for any sector at 21 per cent of the total budget which stands at Sh35.2 billion.
Renovation of maternity wing and equipping at Mbagathi Hospital shall be undertaken at a cost of Sh 150 million and completion of new 66 capacity bed at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital at a cost of Sh100 million.
For Urban Planning, Sh688 million has been allocated to have the necessary tools to deliver on areas of urban planning, valuation services, enforcement and compliance and land survey.
The education docket has been allocated Sh2.1 billion out of which Sh400 million has been set aside for bursaries.
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