@Nairobilay i have a bone to pick with u

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Hata wa how i met your Mother ni g**. The issue is not about if an actor in real life is g**, but the g** scenes in the series which @nairobilay is trying to dodge with the claim of actors in real life being g**
ok lemme get this right ... ya'll are ok with g** men as long as you don't know they're g**? :oops:


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Vile @Nefertities amesema. The problem with Sense8 is that its a little to graphic. Its just the show is on netflix ndiyo umeona mahomo hivyo. If that show was on NBC or Fox, those parts would have been trimmed severely and you would be hailing it as the next heroes!
But i know kuna wasee wengi hapa waliwatch The Wire with all its g** rape scenes..almost everyone who liked Prisonbreak, their favorite character was T-Bag..(HIS NAME WAS T-BAG!! AND HE WAS THE GAYEST CHARACTER EVER!!! EVEN WITH ONE HAND)
Take that back........The Wire was.......take that back
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