Village Elder
Wednesday was filled with a lot of activities, we were given so much fucking tasks till we were completely exhausted. In the evening no one had the psych of going out. Kuchoka nayo. Basically I was tired to even take a shower and so I went to bed just like that. Thursday presented itself as a good day as we had less activities, by 2 pm we were done with task assigned na kila mtu wawili wawili tukaenda kupiga ma roundi kadhaa. It was good at least tulijua what Naksvegas has to offer. We then went back to the hotel to prepare ourselves to party the night out. Wycliffe was jus deep in kisses with Mary some quiet office colleague. Bernice and I were in her room just talking seated on the bed seeing her arrange her clothes occasionally stealing kisses from her and she be cool with it. Once night time falls we eat and then everyone goes to prepare themselves. As as the dudes we had already prepared ourselves in some minutes time. Hawa madame ndio walikuwa wanatueka parking sana but it was worth the wait. Mary was the first one to come out, damn she was in this stripped black and white short dress so hot and sexy asf. Her ass looked amazing and off she went with Wycliffe, Susan came out the second came out and engaged in a deep passionate kiss with Brian in my face and off they went. The two have always been a couple since the reshuffling happened in the department. Bernice came out the last one, f**k, this bitch was so fine. With the white mini dress she looked even prettier and with her perfume I could feel the chemistry between us was already in its final stage. We then hit Rafikiz club for a good time. We sat on adjacent tables to each other. Bernice is a lover of wine and so she ordered a bottle of 4th Street Wine, I ordered for a bottle of William Lawson (peasant bado) mixed with the wine and we were good to go. After a few sips music was good and we had to dance. Hapo ndo nilijua watu kumbe wanakuanga wameficha white sana. What Mary did made us be like "Huyu ni ule Mary anakuanga amenyamaza kwa ofisi?". Bernice was a party girl and she knew how to shake that ass groping it on my groins making me get a boner. We would occasionally exchange each other's girls such that kila mtu 'alikula tako' za madame wote. Susan was better in groping as her ass felt softer well being the witty guy I would occasionally start running my hands down from the exposed thighs and end up with the ass coz everyone was drunk and every lady accepted it.

At 12.30 am Brayo and Susan exited the club nikajua gameplan sasa iko sawa. I had no doubt that Brayo had gone to hit it ruthlessly as he had told me earlier that day. Wickie and Mary followed. Bernice now was like " Leon, si we go and sleep pia sisi naskia nimechoka", with that statement nikajua leo lazima pu**y ya Bernice iwake moto. We were all drunk but not very drunk as we knew what was happening around us. Nikawa mjanja nikamshow wacha niende nibuy soda ya kupunguza pombe. I went to the counter and bought three packets of condoms. Off we went to our rooms. I could hear the moans of a girl and I couldn't comprehend if it was Susan or Mary. We entered in Bernice's room locked it and immediately started kissing and undressing each other. It was so romantic. I made the foreplay longer till Bernice begged me for the d*ck, with my erection so hard took out the condoms and she offered to put it on me. It looked so good watching her put a condom on me. And in my d*ck wen. She let out a scream I had to cover her mouth. Her pu**y was so wet, warm and tight. It felt just so nice penetrating her. She is a moaner and she would moan my name "Ooh Leon, Yes f**k me baby, f**k me, Like that, ". We changed positions to girl on top man she can ride a nigga so well. After some I turned her to my favourite position, doggy style, her pu**y felt even tighter. I fucked her in this style for like 5 minutes then I felt my cum loading, she splashed hot liquid on me while moaning so loudly then I came and it felt even better. This was some good sex I have experienced. After cumming she removed the condom from me and gave me a mind blowing blow job that felt just better. Compared to Crystal I think Bernice was much better. I bet the music blowing from the clubs below made it impossible for our activities to be heard. We then took some time off to talk a little bit. She was like "Leone you are my best sex ever you are the only guy who has made me cum", and from that I deduced I had done a nice job. Round two we started off with her giving me a blowjob man this bitch knows how to give head some tongue coupled with a little nibbling of teeth f**k it felt great. She also put a condom on me again put her on missionary and inserted my d*ck deep in her wet pu**y she let out a moan. That pu**y was just awesome. While penetrating I heard her say " I love you Leon", JACKPOT. Now that's what I wanted to heart from her and it came at the favourable time. Just know we had a great night. On the way back home yesterday form ilikuwa ma lovey dovey tu. Alafu naskia Wickie amenitext 'brathe jana ni manduru tu nilikuwa naskia', 'we cheza chini msee kwani Mary alikuwa amelala kama mbao??' 'Cheki Leon chorea hyo story'.
'Sasawa buda nimeacha, chapia Brayo hii story ya Naksvegas ibaki huko sitaki fununu zikizunguka kwa ofisi'. 'Fiti buda story inaishia hapa'. I think am gonna give Bernice a try for a relationship, she's a good girl and she deserves it.

Wacheni nilale manze hii form ya Naks kuna venye sikupata usingizi vizuri