Nakuru wifi to be re installed

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Senior Villager
Nakur County government is
overseeing installation of new Wi-Fi
equipment after a Sh 200million free
Wi-Fi facility flopped a few months
Governor Kinuthia Mbugua said that
38 access points in strategic
locations within the Central
Business District had been installed
and will also extend to Afraha
“I urge the residents to be patient
as the WI-FI project re-installation is
underway and till will be operational
in due time”, he said.
With the launch of the project on
March this year, Nakuru had joined
the ranks of Kigali, Rwanda, and the
City of Tshwana, South Africa as the
three cities in Africa with free Wi-Fi
connection for residents.
However, after his launch, the
project faced unprecedented network
coverage hitch that hindered its roll
This was followed by several court
cases after different interest groups
filed lawsuits against the county
government for misappropriating
fund allocated for the project.
The group had challenged the
county government to come clean on
how they spend the cash.
With the re-launch of the project,
Governor Mbugua asked the
residents to be patient and promised
that the initiative will transform the
county into a regional business hub.
This is after the residents became
impatient with way the whole issue
was being handled.
They also complained of poor speed
and absolute negligence on ensuring
the Wi-Fi project covered the 10
kilometre radius within the expected
time frame.
The failure of the first attempt was
blamed majorly on poor connection,
equipment and expertise.
Mbugua said that the initiative will
also enable rapid access to
information which is vital for
economic development.
The first phase was to cover 52 per
cent of the Town CBD and the
remaining 48 per cent was to
commence late this year. END…


Village Elder
That thing was a fail even before it began. Good idea but they did not take time to do due diligence before implementation
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