names of heroes who saved uhuru from the icc case

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Here are the heroes in Uhuru's
ICC case
Mohamed is the Cabinet Secretary
in charge of Foreign Affairs. The
CS has dedicated her tenure in
office in defending Uhuru in
international forums such as the
Assembly of State Parties (ASP)
and United Nations. Blessed with
beauty and brains, Amina who is
a career diplomat, has played a
big role in making sure Uhuru is
a free man!
2. Prof GITHU MUIGAI: Githu
Muigai is the Attorney General of
Kenya. He was representing the
Government of Kenya during
Uhuru’s Status Conferences.
Kenya should thank God for
having such a brilliant legal
brain. Githu is blessed with
unique abilities and his master of
the law was broadcasted to the
world for all to see. During the
ICC proceedings, Githu reduced
ICC lawyers to mere students.
ICC judges liked his legal
brilliance and prowess and one of
the ICC judges said “let this man
from Kenya teaches us some law”
Elizabeth Frazer is the former
U.S. Assistant Secretary of State
for African Affairs. The afro-
American woman has done a lot
in defending Uhuru at
international forums and
constantly saying the ICC was
formed to prosecute African
Presidents only and should be
4. STEVEN KAY : Steven Kay was
Uhuru lead’s lawyer at the ICC.
He is a renowned British
international criminal lawyer.
Although his services cost an arm
and leg, Kay was able to secure
Uhuru’s freedom
5 . Lastly, “the mighty” DAVID
Matsanga is a renowned Ugandan
human rights activist. For the
last one year, Mastanga has made
several trips to the ICC requesting
the court to terminate Uhuru’s
case. He has also busted several
witnesses who were coached and
bribed to incriminate Uhuru.
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