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Last week i sampled Narok, today hustle imenileta Nanyuki....@imei2012 am in your old town for leo na kesho, najua checkers na sportsman ma ariff wangu wa huku wananingoja nimalize kazi jioni wanitembeze!

Any talker in this town?


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Nanyuki is should be called whore-nyuki....98% of the women out on the town are there to be purchased.
But go to the casino bar huko juu ya GT bank (or some kind of bank)...there are some nice things there. Lakini i don't know how it is on a monday. I've only been there over the weekend


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vile @ nairobilay amesema. any girl you will probably meet from 9pm anywhere is most probably into flesh business. try to avoid those clubs around the bus station. huko ni hub ya okimwi na mchele
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