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NASA desperadoes drawing Zim parallelism


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There is a growing theme amongst the anarchist NASA goons to inspire their hapless masses by drawing parallelisms with the situation in Zimbabwe. Never mind that the situations have stark differences including original inspiration, mass support and military backing! One has to use very creative thinking and a whole lot of frothy hyperbole to compare Uhuru with Mugabe. For one, Uhuru, more than any other Kenyan leader EVER, has actually fought and won battles against institutionalized corruption.

Secondly, Uhuru is not IMPOSED on Kenya. On the contrary, NASA mandarins are trying to forcefully impose a dementia-ridden geriatric on Kenyans! A guy who is controlled like a puppet by a cabal of gluttonous mongrels who think shedding blood at the altar of a tin-god is a sacred event.

If any conclusive comparison were to be drawn, it would be the remarkable similarity between Mugabe and JaKuon. The two live in an alternate world they’ve constructed which is determined by imaginary forces/dreams external to objective reality. All they have ever accomplished in public office is to open the door for charlatans like Orengo and his buddies.

That's enough for now.
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