NASA Development: Joho Plans Satellite Town to Decongest Mombasa


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Joho plans satellite town to decongest Mombasa

MONDAY, AUGUST 21, 2017 14:30

Building a satellite town in the outskirts of Mombasa will be one of key projects Governor elect Ali Hassan Joho will prioritise in his second term.

This is according to a top aide, County Secretary Francis Thoya, who says construction of the infrastructure north of the island at Mwakirunge will help decongest the tourist hub.

Building of satellite towns, contained in the county's vision 2035 blue print, is expect to involve private sector players.

“At the moment the town is choked to the level that there is no space even to expand our roads. The only solution is to set up infrastructure at Mwakirunge and invite the private sector to build facilities,” Mr Thoya said yesterday.

According to the plan, the project would involve building 30,000 residential houses to address Mombasa's housing deficit.


Mr Thoya also hinted at major changes in Mr Joho's cabinet amid criticism that the devolved unit had not done enough to tackle a mounting garbage crisis.

The thorny issue remained unresolved through his first term and was used by his political opponents to discredit his administration.

“What I can tell you is that the governor is keen on service delivery,” he said.

Mr Joho will be sworn in tomorrow at Mama Ngina Drive gardens in a ceremony his administration said would be brief.

The county says the event's budget had been slashed from Sh10 million to Sh2 million.

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IMG_3729.JPG IMG_3732.JPG IMG_3734.JPG Are these the haciendas? I heard they are haunted, the first tenants used to be screwed nightly by ghosts who at times reached the village threshold.
The Israelis came up with the idea over 10yrs ago and kicked off the project named Hacienda, twas supposed to be a green town with wind vanes and solar panels, about four units were built before the cartels took over and the project halted.
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Meria Mata

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I have some pics of Mwakirunge that I took over the election period, several, very nice place and vast
There was an open day at one time, guys were ferried in tour vans (micato safaris) from turkey base and we were taken round the property, we were shown all the plans and KCB were there to offer financing.

Meria Mata

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One thing muislaeli alikosana na watu nikusema he won't allow livestock in the estate, we told him as Africans that's impossible, kuku, mbuzi ni lazima, and then there were to be no attachments to the original structure, ata fence usiweke
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mkono wa bahari in the distance.
kuna mjamaa huharvest mahindi nyingi sana hapa.
Me hata hushangaa why live in Bamburi when you can get a good sizeable plot, a kamini ranch,keep cows, goats, and till the land for home use. And keeping in mind the area is only 20minutes drive from this concrete town of bamburi. Actually it reminds me of ruai