NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga: Actions = Cause and Effect


Village Elder
You look at this man R. every day and your heart is full of sorrow. In his own words “you can sly a cat in many ways” the ways chosen by Baba …….. appear to lead to a certain Cause and Effect

What would have happened if R. had decided to get himself into parliament instead of attempting to overthrow the regime? à Moi, would probably have made him vice president in order to strengthen his position, in due time, he would have made his presidential bid, untainted by that earlier event.

On Jaramogi, a truly good man, who probably deserved better than he got. What would have happened, if he had bid his time for a few more years as vice president? Patience pays, and haste causes a lot bloodshed.

The tribal repositioning we now have is partly due hasty manoeuvring. Moi’s regime did not enter into a dictatorship until his hand was pushed by R. actions. There was no lost freedoms to fight against.

Unfortunately, at least 30+ years spent misdirecting one of the most educated communities in Sub-Sahara Africa. Perhaps with every good intention, a loose to the nation. kenya would probably have been better of with the Nyanza community active in all the governments.
The action R is plotting indicates no lessons learnt, same, same, same…….. path - CAUSE and EFFECT.

Change directions to improve wellbeing of Kenya.


Village Elder
OLD Odinga MUST NEVER bementioned in the same sentence with his SON! EVEN OLD ODINGA knew young ODINGA did not have it in him. He prefered to leave his party to Kijana Wamalwa and throw his own flesh and blood OUT. That is how different the two were. OGINGA saw in ODINGA the very self-seeking spirit he was trying to exorcise from the then regimes!

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