1. We are converting Nasa into a resistance movement.
2. We are asking all wananchi to stop cooperating with the the gavament.
3. We are asking all wananchi to boycott products from companies that are associated or fund Jubilee.
4. We will fight to organise elections within 90 days.

AS USUAL, MUMECHESWO................................
Nawaambiaga this guy is a brainwashed indoctrinated socialist who believes in his ideology more than he believes in God. He's inspired most by socialist leaders like Fidel Castro (his favourite) and now is trying to pull a Sierra Maestra on us.

NIS wakae chonjo, foreign forces will try to inject mercernaries/alshabaab into that movement to make it bloody and spark civil war.
They had their win with the nullification. They knew they couldn't win a popular vote so the move to pull out. That way he can go on saying, how was he beaten if he didn't take part in an election. Let them be.