Ricky C137

Village Elder
Hawa wasichana wetu tutawaoa kweli? Mnaringia maboy ambao ni ma hustler ati juu wameshindwa kuwashughulikia financially. As a result, mnatafuta ma sponsors. Kwani hamjui hao pia walianza tu kama sisi lakini walipata watu wa kuwapea psych ya kuhustle more?. Sasa after mmetumiwa vibaya ndio mnaturudia huku.
Ngoja utaona wakianza kutokea tao na bunners za husband material. Hiyo material mimi sitasave ata bob ndo niinunue


Village Elder
Listen kid,
Count yourself lucky that:
1 - It happened when it did (now) and
2 - You haven't been caught up in (or caught) anything yet - the possibility is higher than you young things think.
3 - You found out! Lots of guys get as far as marrying people they do not know only to find out these shocking "details" 3 children (whose paternity will then be open to debate causing more sadness) later.
4 - You still have both d*ck and brains (I hope?) work on how both work.
Now get to work on yourself, seek advice where you have to and you'll be alright - unless you're the kind that prefers riding on the achievements of others ndio useme "tuli" whereas you were just tagging along as others did the actual work?
You hadn't even paid dowry or spent real money on her upkeep na unalia hapa...
I say you're a very lucky man now dry up those eyes and get to work ;)
I have a kid brother I dote on and more young "jogoo" cousins and nephews than I could enumerate so yes, I should know.