BTW @Tarantinoh...thenks had a really good afty. Done. We have enjoyed revisiting the past sana wakina Naz, and others.

Mimi sina time for veinly dimmed attack from a purported MOD. I had missed that kind'a rap for a while.

BRING IT ON NIGA MOD. f**k it just bring it on....
@Deorro I don't have all day. I introduced Kelis on this Nas thread. OUT IT HIA what you have against me and my music taste as if I care.
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I have waited for a while for this MOD to come and give direction to his small time matusi but he has not shown up yet. How can a MOD direct how we should post? I read him so often squabbling with posters. I do not have the time and the patience so since he has not come hia we face each other man-o-mano...he had better forever hold his peace. And SHUDDDDDIT or even ban me if he likes aone kama nitakufa na njaa.
Kelis and Nas were an item!

With apologies to Tarantinoh but ujinga ingine siwahi tolerate anymore. Be you a MOD or 80 years/20 years old have some respect.


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You can not name the best hip hop album without mentioning ILLMATIC. You can not name top dis tracks without ETHER on it. You can not name a successful controversial hip hop album without mentioning NIGGER( Untitled). You can not name best story teller, lyricist hip hop Mc with mentioning Nas...You can not even name top 5 GOATs in hip hop without Nas . I rest my case.


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This was a Kanye West beat, this is the beat that made him. There is an interview where he says after playing to jay z the beat, and jay z came up with the hook, he went to the bathroom, called his mum and told her "We are about to make it"
I remember back when Kanye West was a dope producer before through the wire.