National Power Interruption?

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Monopoly should end...but first tuambiwe Who are the real owners of IPPs
The ownership is shrouded in secrecy. The listed companies here are subsidiaries of holding companies in those secret islands. However its known that the expensive diesel power plant Tsavo belongs to Aga Khan and people say the late Saitoti. Aggreko power recently switched off permanently is owned by its listed UK firm but Moi/Kulei have shares. Iber Africa is listed in Spain and jointly owned with Biwott. Kengen has two plants of its own and finally Rabat in coast owned by members of former Mt. Kenya luminaries under Kibaki regime including wanjigi. The less expensive heavy fuel generators which uses refuse slag from oil refineries such as Thika power is owned by Kiraitu.

When that day comes, don't forget to give me a shout, hata mimi nitakupiga backup
Like all bills in Kenya, it will be published in the media so that stakeholders and the public can contribute the opinions.


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IMG-20160806-WA0000.jpg ugly

One nation, one power switch!!

Ugly Sato for Kenya. Mitaa imenyamaza, pubs hazina, hewa,ma-muezzin na ma-apostles wanawika analog.

On the other hand, kila Mkenya amedidate in the blessed quiet!:D:D:D
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