NBA Game 6 - let's have at it!


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The Dubs are taking game 6,there is no way the greatest dynasty in NBA history goes down at their own backyard, at their last game at the Oracle. The NBA loves a game 7 and therefore the refs will be making a ton of calls in favor of the home team. Did I mention the splash brothers? yes Curry and Klay will be raining 3s over Toronto's defense all night.The Raptors are clearly the better team in this series but they will have to wait for game 7 where they will have the chance to take the championship in front of their home crowd,regardless tonight I am fully on the warriors bandwagon.


Village Elder
The rate at which injuries are plaguing the dubs in this series is eyebrow raising. Klay just had to go in order to hand the victory to the Raptors