NCIC "as usual" inafanya uchunguzi


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Pale kwa news Kaparo kawaida anasema wana investigate utterences za Kuria na watafanya professional interpretation since the words were uttered in a language which is not a national language. Hawa watu hutubeba aje .nkt
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Stupid NCIC. They are paid millions and can't conduct a simple investigation.

From way back in 2013, Kenyans know the foul-mouthed politicians. Junet, kuria, Aladwa, Duale, and a few others.
It is very easy for NCIC to appoint agents to attend all the rallies where these "suspects" are likely to speak. Instead of sitting in their Nairobi offices and issuing press conferences.
The agents can then record and testify in court as being part of the meeting where the hate speech was uttered.

Otherwise, use of video clips and screenshots will never hold water in the corridors of justice.

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