Ndio hii Hujuma Bill


Village Elder
(4) The validity of the identification card issued under the Registration of Persons Act shall cease upon issuance of the Huduma Card under this Act.

(10) Every resident individual who has enrolled into the NIIMS established under the Huduma Act shall by default be registered as a taxpayer upon attaining the age of eighteen years.

(11) After the initial enrolment of resident individuals under the Huduma Act, the Commissioner shall activate
a tax obligation of any resident individual above the age of eighteen years not registered as a taxpayer.
11.(1) Upon the commencement of this Act, every resident individual shall personally attend before a designated NIIMS registration officer at a specified location to enrol into the NIIMS.

1. (1) Every resident individual shall have a mandatory obligation to present the Huduma Namba in order to—

(a)be issued with a passport;
(b)apply for a driving licence;
(c)register a mobile phone number;
(d)register as a voter;
(e)pay taxes;
(f)transact in the financial markets;
(g)open a bank account;
(h)register a company or a public benefit organisation;
(i)transfer or make any dealings in land;
(j)register for electricity connection;
(k)access universal health care services;
(l)benefit from the government housing scheme;
(m)register a marriage;
(n)enrol into a public educational facility;
(o)access social protection services;
(p)registeror transfer a motor vehicle; or
(q)anyother specified public service.

Mr Black

Village Elder
Basically hujuma number ni replacement ya ID with a digital copy of your fingerprint and photo, all that hullaballoo and secrecy just to have my photo and prints on a database which IEBC already have and ideally they could have borrowed copies from IEBC for nearly a third of the population.The level of wastage of public funds in this republic is not even comical anymore.


Village Elder
The main problem here is that you either agree with all the contents or disagree.. There is no middle road where you agree with some and disagree with others.