Never Again

Deep sea

Village Elder
I've been having a craving for roadside mutura for quite some times but I normally refrain from buying it due to the posts I read here e.g inakuanga tamu juu vumbi na uchafu ya kabuti ya muuzaji, mara hupikwa usiku ili mtu aende akaendeshee kwake. Anyway, to cut the long story short, jana nlibuy mutura ya 80 bob from a roadside mutura vendor by the name Thiong'o. He chopped it into small pieces which I gobbled down while taking a cup of soup. Before finishing the last piece, I decided to ask Thiong'o what the white thing in my mutura was. Without hesitation, he told me "Nî mûkamo!". To those of u who don't understand French, mûkamo is animal's udder au matiti ya ng'ombe au mbuzi. I was shocked but I consoled myselofu not to get worried. After all, everyone was having the same thing and no one was complaining. I handed him the new 100 shillings note, got my 10 bob balance and headed home.
Today being a Saturday, I was to attend an athletic event here in Nakuru but I had to call it of. Sasa nashinda nakikimbia from my bedroom to the loo to ease myself. I've made more than 15 trips now. Ile kuharisha naharisha ni kama niko na driving license ya safari rally. Mniweke kwa maombi pliz.
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