New Airtel Ke bundle


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Nimekua nikitafuta monthly bundle poa ndo nikaland apo airtel monthly 3gb for ksh 500.Used to be 2gb but wakaongeza.Inakaa hii internet bizz iko na compe sana,meanwhile sasa tunaeza safishwa macho bila kusumbuana na data.
3Gb should be like 100 bob. The problem is we've been shafted for so long we don't even realize how Kenyan internet is so damn expensive.

Alafu, apan tambua a network that's not 4G. Some countries are already rolling out 5G!!!!!!


not really Google fiber for example offers 1gbps Internet at $50 monthly considering the minimum wage is about $10 an hour that is dirt cheap.
How many people have Google fiber as compared to comcast, akina ATT.
Just go to reddit forums uone watu wakicompare their data prices na USA guys huwa wanalia vile zao ni expe


Maybe ni location but pia Hao wengine ie Comcast wameanza kuteremsha prices
But still in Kenga data is expensive especially Safaricom. This is not 2010 where people used opera mini on Nokia Ashas. We have instagram, snapchat, YouTube, Facebook which are data guzzlers plus the music streaming apps so sioni why Safaricom charges 3gb at 1000bob. They are just discouraging us from spending
5G is just nonsense to make current phones obsolete and making phone company richer. I thought 4G was labelled LTE (Long term evolution).
Bydaway that 5G kwa phone itakuwa irrelevant cz sijakutana na any server ambayo itakupea more than 2Mbps download speed. I stand to be corrected.