New Horizons

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Bhangi Iwe Huru

In three weeks, the robotic New Horizons spacecraft will reach Pluto. As the featured video makes clear, though, humanity has been on an unprecedented epoch of robotic exploration of our Solar System's planets for the past half century. Next is a hypothetical sequence depicting New Horizons flying past Pluto next month. Assuming things work as planned, dwarf planet Pluto will then become the farthest world yet explored by humans. Of course, these Pluto illustrations are only a guess. How Pluto and its moons will really look may be a mixture of familiar things, such as craters, and unfamiliar things, such as …
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astronomy is always exciting there are always new things to discover but unfortunately what we know about the vast universe is so little


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Acha ufala wa ku-cutpaste kimandazi bila ku-acknowledge source...This is word for word from NASA.
So, you expected him to have built a spacecraft and flew it to outer space so that he can give an original account? This is the reason the white man can fly to the edge of space while here we are burning toilets and clinics built to help us.
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