New look notes


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I need to see professional reviews by design professionals.

Missed opportunity to come up with something smooth.

Kwa maoni yangu the images should have been blended a little more with other features. Those hard borders looks like a image drop in MS Paint over current notes.

Consistency is good but we didn't have to go with animals on all denominations. We're more than big 5. Mt Kenya should have crowned one of the faces. Other historical individuals.

Matter fact I don't understand why Jomo is not in one of them and other founders in others. Actually put Kapenguria Six on one together.

What material are the notes ? Same ol cotton paper ama ni plastic kama za Canada.
Any Braille for vipofu ?
Size ya noti ni zile zile ?

Tender bado ni De La Rue ? Ama AlGhurair wamepewa ?
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