New Mt Kenya group Formed - Tanga tanga not invited

Kahuni Maisha

Village Sponsor
Wazi the hauz of Mumbi is crumbling. Nothing last forever. Hii kiti itoke ikwendee kabisa. This politicians have made us their cash crop. Wacha wakwende kabisa tunyoroshwe we learn to live with other tribes.
hawa wote ni dealers tu. angling for a suitable price from Ruto...luckily he will easily afford them.
These guys will call Ruto's bluff. I see a team that's capable demanding 1/2 of the government, effectively rendering Tanga Tanga in Mt. Kenya region as a waste of time and resources, the DP.
Focus. No one is talking Raila here.

Also factor in, those servers to sanitize electoral manipulation & the winner. Does he control them especially now that he's spoiling for a fight with everyone?
I am just asking? the race will likely come down to two people. I see Raila choosing a Kikuyu as his deputy . My guess is RUTO VS RAILA 2022 .WHO WOULD WIN?