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  1. 1_Stan

    1_Stan Villager

    Hi people. My friend registered in some youth program and wished for a car wash machine but instead got the below machine. We trying to sell it off then acquire the car wash machine. Bei 43K o.n.o...ata haijatumika IMG-20170908-WA0014.jpg
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  2. sludgist

    sludgist Village Elder

    Itia babuon........the welder in chief
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  3. Mathaais

    Mathaais Village Sponsor

    Niko na 10k.Ingia inbox if interested.
  4. upepo

    upepo Village Elder

    Aweke pale OLX ata kama bei niya ulaya ilhali machine yenyewe inakaa India.
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  5. kah tony

    kah tony Village Elder

    you can look for someone with a car wash machine and trade.
  6. 1_Stan

    1_Stan Villager

    Hahaha it is from government bana si chinku
  7. 1_Stan

    1_Stan Villager

    Still an option that I have tried already and still looking...
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  8. karema-hitI

    karema-hitI Village Elder

    6k haiwezi?
  9. Kenjatta

    Kenjatta Village Elder

    I bid 10500
  10. Princebushy

    Princebushy Senior Villager

    I miss welding, sijui nizichukue nifanye practice pale mtaani? Think like a Kikuyu, kuna watu wengi wanatafuta kazi use the opportunity to open a workshop, these tings zitakusaidia more than the car wash machine you want. Anyway, it's a peasant's point of view.
  11. NMK

    NMK Senior Villager

    How much?
  12. 1_Stan

    1_Stan Villager

    43K o.n.o whole set
  13. 1_Stan

    1_Stan Villager

    I cannot vent
    Would you venture in a matatu business na ata hujawahi endesha gari nor have any tangible idea of how they operate?
  14. 1_Stan

    1_Stan Villager

    Ongezeni pesa. 10K ni ya grinder even do some research buana
  15. Princebushy

    Princebushy Senior Villager

    How do people learn? is it not by trial and error?
  16. 1_Stan

    1_Stan Villager

    I better be honest. Not interested in that way...leta pesa wewe uanze. Hehehe
  17. muria.mboco

    muria.mboco Village Elder

    Hii inaweza leta Pesa mzuri pia. get a good welder and buy him square tube kadhaaa Za 1/2" and a few r8s.
    Ongeza flat sheet kama mbili hapo. Flat bars na angle bar .make stuff and sell .