New Zealand has zero covid case.


Village Elder
In fact, many managed to keep the situation under control, another question is precisely in what ways and by what methods, because many were too categorical and tough in making decisions and this created not the most favorable social and psychological atmosphere. Not to mention what is happening with business and the economy in general, everything is on the edge and it may happen that there will be no turning back...
That is why I believe that you need to adhere to the plan, but at the same time do not forget that we are talking about living people with their needs and characteristics, and of course we can rejoice for this beautiful and exotic country, it is good that they are doing well...


Village Elder
In my opinion, this is good news, let there be at least one place on earth where this problem does not exist and where people's lives have not changed. Because I think that all people are already to some extent tired of these cross-cutting restrictions, quarantines and other problems that have affected all areas of life and in general have radically changed what was familiar to us and provided our comfort. In general, it is worth reading in more detail what they did to keep the situation so stable, maybe other countries should take the same measures so that everything finally calms down, I really miss traveling and some non-standard things, that's all it became somehow too predictable and calm - tired!