News anchors n their weird husbands...

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Senior Villager
1. Yvonne Okwara
Her husband, Andrew Malote, is a
married man and his mistress,
Maryanne Muthoni Waruingi’s
boyfriend recently succumbed to
2. Esther Arunga
Her husband, Quincy Timberlake,
murdered their three year old
son and said that some alien’s
embryo was in his stomach. He is
still remanded in Australia.
3. Linda Oguttu
There were rumours that her
husband, Dennis Mombo, heads a
carjacking syndicate but it later
turned out that he runs a shylock
business. It is still not clear how
he acquired his massive wealth.
4. Lillian Muli
Her husband, Kanene, who is now
a C.E.O. in Nairobi, always had
some serious insecurity issues.
Despite their separation, Kanene
is a ladies’ man and is currently
in an affair with a college
5. Cynthia Nyamai
Her ex-husband, David Makuyu,
was once accused of being violent
and a womanizer. This is the
reason why the two divorced
after two years in marriage. David
on the other hand accused
Cynthia of being unfaithful.


Senior Villager
A beautiful woman is like maize growing by the roadside, always attracts attention., of thieves and it's likely to land in the hands of those kind of people.
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