Next 007 is a woman-black

Kidogo kidogo we see her akinyorosha wanaume kama yule wa Resident Evil. Siwes waste time kuendelea na such movie
At least resident evil anakuwanga amepewa sijui zika virus anakuwa more powerful until she got cured hehe.. Nakumbuka ati that frail chiq Nikita ati akipiga wanaume mangumi. Pliz..



Siwezi watch umefii

Dem natambua ni wa

Ule red indian wa banshee

Na si ati walikua poa but the director chose serious male doubles
#18 how the official james bond is marketing their shit. Pull up a poster (including the Idris one) & then let the foolish fans & media over-hype crap, yet nothing official has been mentioned by them. They know these dimwits will do their work for them; keep the name of the franchise alive till they actually show up.