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  1. Sterphyle

    Sterphyle Senior Villager

    PSG make plans for unveiling ahead of £197m deal for Barcelona’s Neymar

    Paris Saint-Germain are so confident of signing Neymar that they were on Monday preparing his unveiling. They hope to conclude a deal this week to buy the forward from Barcelona for a world record £197m, the Brazilian’s release clause.

    A five-year contract has been ready for several days and just needs to be signed. When PSG bought Zlatan Ibrahimovic five summers ago they welcomed him on the Trocadéro at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. The club are planning something even bigger for Neymar.

    The French club have been working hard to seal a deal for two weeks, since Neymar’s entourage contacted them in the knowledge that the player wanted out of Barcelona.

    The structure of the transfer, including Neymar’s £26m-a-year salary, is not yet known but PSG are adamant they will respect financial fair play regulations. To make sure they do not expose themselves to sanctions they are preparing to sacrifice some members of the squad.
    Mimi kama fan wa psg nasema psg imekuwa
  2. Jemedari

    Jemedari Senior Villager

    Some of these transfer fees are totally insane and maybe obscene. Then they boy fails to shine
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  3. MANKI

    MANKI Village Elder

    how rich are these clubs,, hi fee ni kama budget ya kenya
  4. osmosis

    osmosis Senior Villager

  5. nelo angelo

    nelo angelo Village Elder

    If he fails these guys will have a really hard time selling him.
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