Ngai, kimeumania Jeff Coy-ner-ngey!

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FieldMarshal CouchP

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A court has ordered his forfeiture of Sh100,000 bail money to the state and his immediate arrest on arrival from Ivory Coast, where he is ostensibly attending a conference.

Sasa unless Uhuru amsaidie with a State House car from JKIA nigga is gonna do time in Inda....

This as alshabaab killas continue to get bail. The fuckery in this country is too damn much......


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Nigga thinks he is invincible. He is in deep shit coz the courts will slap him with a blanket imprisonment without the option of a fine.
Another g** bites the dust, hehehehehehe


The guy I would like to see doing time is that little shiet Maina Ka-g**-knee. Used to irritate me to high heaven - until I discovered channels like Radio Maisha.
The only time i have to listen to him ni when am in a mat. Wazee kama nyinyi mko na options kadhaa in your pujos


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And as it was said in a book am currently too lazy to quote, the bed that you will henceforth make, is the same bed you will enjoy your slumber.
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