Ngulam's revenge

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Some 15 years back while hustling in the streets of a town in Kenya, I was a neighbor to a humble billionaire, who had various business interests all over Kenya and yet lived in a modest neighborhood. As is customary in Islam he had wives in all these towns.
Ngulam interests varied into long distance transportation, real estate in Different towns, wholesaling of Kanga's, sea fish and other coastal produce all over bara. With this in mind he traveled a lot to check on his various businesses.
His youngest wife lived in his HQ which was in my then locality, as was customary of Swahili men, he used to chew goats food, Miraa, veve, handas, mairungi, and whatever fancy names, the cud chewers have nicknamed their preffed poison, his favorite supplier was one Thuranira, a 30 year old barubaru Murume, he ensured that Ngulam got the best of the product from the slopes of Mt Kenya East, Alele, kiza and kangeta were Ngulam's favorite. Home delivered by Thuranira himself.
In his various deliveries, he became acquainted with Ngulam's wife Aisha, Aisha was, a curvaceous chocolate Swahili beauty, whose 'taarabs' always danced to some coastal beats, whenever she passed by you had to confirm her coming and goings, especially the goings, the goings were majestically beautiful, every man, boy and even women would be tranced by her goings.
Sometimes Ngulam's sojourns would make him absent for weeks on ends, and Thuranira decided that no beautiful woman should be left alone in the cold, he began paying homage to Ngulam's wife. For a man leaving alone in the city without his significant other, he met and surpassed all the set threshold, afterall Ngulam was an aging 49 years old polygamous man, Thuranira began having that pleased look of a cat that has just finished licking stolen milk.
Ngulam got wind of the affairs, No one knows how he knew, but it was whispered that his Jini's told him or some other funny stories Kenyans concort. When he came back from the coast, Ngulam hid the knowledge of his wife indiscretions quite well, conducted his regular business ordered his Mairungi as usual, until he got a call from Rajab, his coastal right handman and arranged for a business travel to the coast. He had his wife arrange his luggage and bid her and his daughter good bye.
Kumbe!!! he went to a baze some fifteen kilometers away and together with four of his Swahili friends indulged in Kukumanga laced kahawa tungu and Miraa, until a call confirmed that the prey is in the trap.
The sordid tale of what transpired can be like that video clip of Tanzania sodomists. Its claimed that Thuranira fainted several times that night but was revived for extras.
The next day Thuranira moved away and was never to be seen again in that hood, and Aisha coming and goings were still majestic but no one dared imagine licking her honey pot.
Moral of the story : Bibi ya wenyewe si mandazi ufinye fine. And of course RWNBP.
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