Nigeria Boko haram


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what fuckery did i just watch??so the nigerian army was overrun and had to run like scared rabbits,,breaks my heart to see this,,reminds of kdf and el adde but this looks even worse..mayb they should consider hiring foreign mercenaries
They already use South African mercenaries.


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For there to be war in a country there has to be natural resources and corrupt leaders. The two are fertile grounds for constant wars. Nigeria and Congo are clear example. In kenya its a matter of time. Turkanas showed us they have a potential of behaving that way when protesting Tullow mining. I believe someone is funding these BH. Someone who is benefitting from the unstable government


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They even have a tank :D Kwani nigeria hawana airforce hao boko haram ni wengi sana na wanatembea mchana
Nigerias Army is obviously underfunded and very poorly equipped to be able to tackle a strong jihadi militia like Boko haram.This Jihadis operate in remote rural states and they are able to move and operate freely across uncontrolled borders into neighbouring Cameroon and Chad.If Nigeria wants to completely eliminate boko haram, they would have to mount a serious multinational offensive like the one that was done in Syria and Iraq to control the ISIS menace.


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I don’t think Nigerian Army is so weak that they cannot crash those guys. Boko haram must be having the good will of senior government officials to thrive to this level!
They have support. Even the current president who is from the Muslim North has been lenient on them. BH grew wings during Goodlack Jonathan's tenure when senior military and other government officials from Muslim side funded them to undermine Jonathan. Now it's so complicated to deal with them as they operate from Cameroon and Chad. Mercenaries from all these allah wakbar countries kina Sudan pia wako ndani.


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#16 this i happening in such an advanced economy is very hard to fathom. There must be more than meet the eye.
Seems like another Somalia in making
Don't be fooled by the glamour pictures and movies you see on TV from Lagos. Nigeria as a whole is hardly what you would call an advanced economy. Yes they have a big GDP mainly due to their vast oil resources but many Nigerians are still living in poverty mainly because of poor governance and mismanagement of their oil revenues.
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There is something I keep telling you guys and you keep saying that I am boot-licking the gavament - Kenya is light years away from other African countries, including Nigeria. Our army is probably the only professional Black army there is, although it was caught flat-foted at El Adde. All armies are once in a while.

In this clip you see how useless the Nigerian army is. This town is like Garissa in Kenya, and had a major army camp. The camp was over-run and was occupied by these thugs. Those military vehicles and tanks you are seeing have just been captured.

The thing you have to ask is, this is during day time. Where is the Nigerian air cavalry? Their airforce? Their quick response special forces?

I mean, this is not like its a foreign country - ni kwao ndani! Can the same happen say in Garissa? Naaaaaaaah..........

Be proud of being Kenyan.
Ushawahi ona nigerian army wakiwa operation? unaeza fikiria ni kk security guards ama wale police reservists wa arid areas.
those people there are running one giant slum full of thugs. how do you think boko haram has got territory there?
hehe the biggest economy in africa. Ama nusu ya economy ni BP shell and their igwee sellouts in government.