Finest wine

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Nimeland, what have y’all birrionaires been upto? Naona bado hamjaacha kueka picha za roadkills na taste ya @rexxsimba haijachange still pathetic. Na kwani uncle @uwesmake alimezwa na momo?Kwa hizi streets nani ameona my favourite girl @Finest wine. Kama una support BBI makende wewe!
Niko niko bro. How is Toronto? summer is beckoning so I hope unaingia Heathrow soon. Many parties in the making.....


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This is the 2nd time you are posting about me with so much pretend authority about nada you know about, allow me to call you stupido. I don't play in your league.
Jichunge from what? Post the evidence. Ngui.
Lets see your thighs tukuogope. Or you forever hold your peace with your shrivelled teats